About Me

Hei, I'm Ash the Viking.

Some facts about me:
  1.  I'm a student. Plan to be a life-long one. You know those old people that audit your university classes? Well, I want to be one when I'm old. Of course that will be after I retire from teaching those university courses. I guess the technical term would be an academic.
  2. I do what I'm passionate about. There's no good reason to do anything other than what you love to do. Sure you can think of hundreds of excuses why you shouldn't, and yeah some might seem realistic, but you still have to push for your dream. If you keep listening to those excuses you'll never get anywhere.
  3. Because of the above I am currently living in Oslo, Norway. I'm getting my Master's degree in Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture from the University of Oslo. I'm still not a 100% sold on the program itself but I am intensely enjoying myself here. There are some great people in the program and at this institution.
  4. I'm a metalhead. I love metal music. Particularly atmospheric black metal, folk/pagan metal, and occasionally symphonic metal. Nightwish got me into metal, made me interested in the Nordic countries, so many things that are important to me now are because of Nightwish so I am forever faithful to them, no matter how many people call them 'housewife metal'. Other particular favourites are Burzum, Primordial, Ensiferum, Turisas, Finntroll, Alcest, Agalloch, and tons of others. My last.fm profile if you really care.
  5. I'm combining two of my passions and am writing my Master's thesis on the use and representations of Vikings in Northern European metal music. Yeha, awesome, I know. I like the term metallectual. 
  6. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a major nerd. I love school, I love learning, I love reading more than almost anything else. I generally try and read at least 50 books a year.
  7. I don't ever want children. No, I will not change my mind. Anyone want to sterilize me? Please?
  8. I don't believe in the "real world", as so many people call it. You've all heard it, "come on, grow up, you have to enter the real world someday". But what I see of their 'real world' it looks like a boring job, marriage, kids and I know I want very little to do with it. It's fine for lots of people but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. After my degree I'm pretty sure I'm going to do some weird job where I travel the world while making money- like working on a cruise ship or teaching English abroad. The working part is important because I am a dreamer- not a retard, I know I have lots of student debt to pay off.
  9. Speaking of things I don't believe in- add god(s) to the list. I'm an atheist and proud. Keep your imaginary sky-beings to yourself and we'll get along fine. Mostly. I think religion, in and of itself, is wrong.
  10. What I do believe is people should look to themselves. Look to yourself for strength, for support, for happiness. Yes it is nice to have someone there to help you but when it comes down to it you are responsible for your own life. You are responsible for your own happiness. You can make your life better. People shouldn't mill around praying for god to fix their problems, or some boy/girl to come along and and make them happy. If you're not happy with your life there is a simple solution. Change it. Do something new, get rid of your fears, rely on yourself and you may find that there is strength there that you never knew you possessed. If you can't think of something you really want for your own life (something I find hard to believe) then help others. Hint: praying doesn't help anyone.