Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter in Oslo

Both Norway and Canada have been having rather mild winters this year which is kinda lame but that lack of extreme conditions makes it easier to get out and about in the nice snowy weather.
Vigeland's Park
The Vigeland Sculpture park is a really iconic and unique part of Oslo. I don't think many other places in the world would ever allow a park full of naked statues especially since many of them are in such weird and obscure poses. I think it's beautiful and Vigeland portrays lots of raw human emotion in his sculptures and I love taking a stroll through the park. 

wahhh I'm cold

he's my husband

pile for warmth!

I've said before that Sognsvann is one of my favourite places in Oslo and that doesn't change in the winter. This time I didn't go into the forest but walked halfway around the lake then walked right across the frozen lake and the back to the start. I don't think I've ever walked on a frozen lake before so I thought it was quite cool (pun not intended). There were so many cross country skiers out it was quite insane. 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reading goals for 2012 and some other stuff

Last year I only barely achieved the 50 book goal so this year I must do better. That's my general goal this year- do everything I do better; more effort, more passion, more time, more more more.
Regarding reading I have come up with some goals that I want to achieve.
  1.  At least 50 books.
  2.  More non-fiction, at least 10 non-fiction books.
  3.  Read more from Nordic authors.
  4.  Read a couple 'classics'.
  5. Review most of what I read and post on this blog
  6.  Re- read Lord of the Rings (re-reads don't count towards 50 book total)
    • I'm currently working on this and I'm 28% into The Two Towers. It's quite and interesting to see how much my numerous viewings of the movies have shaped what I thought I knew about the series, they really are quite different

Other stuff:
School is starting next week and the most frightening thing is that I will be in the second level Norwegian class. I really haven't learned any more Norwegian in the six months I've been here and I forget most of what I had learned in level one. This means I must review a lot in the next couple weeks in a hope of not looking totally incompetent in the class. I think most people in the class will have only just finished the first level this past term, not a year and a half ago. It's terrifying. I hate hate HATE to be wrong and while learning a new language it is an inevitability.
My schedule:
Monday: Norwegian level 2 lesson and speech lab 9:15-12
Tuesday Poetic Edda 10:15-12, Norwegian grammar 2:15-4, Old Norse Religion 4:15-6.
Wednesday: Norwegian lesson and speech lab 9:15-12
Thursday: Poetic Edda 10:15-12
Friday- no class
This is a significantly busier schedule than last term and that's mainly because of the Norwegian lessons. Tuesdays are not going to be fun at all. If I lived closer then I'd probably just go home for those 2 hours but it wouldn't make sense to do it where I am. I'll have to pack lunches for myself and go to the library or reading room (must remember to apply for a desk) and do work or something. I'll be exhausted by the time I get home at 6:30ish. yaaaaay.
I'm also very enthusiastic that this blog has received over 2000 hits! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Tonight featured the best fireworks display I have ever seen. It was like the entire city of Oslo turned into a shiny, multi-coloured warzone. Fireworks were going off everywhere and because I live on the 12th floor I can see most of the city from my kitchen balcony. It was a tad foggy so it could have been even more awesome.
Apologies for shaky camera, I forgot to bring my coat/ gloves and it was cold outside.